Our mission is to support the growth and development of our member companies and businesses by creating an environment for sustainable Pakistani business development in Ireland, providing networking and business opportunities to thrive and create employment, and representing members’ interests at local, national, and international levels.If you are an EEA or Swiss national you are entitled to come and work in Ireland either as an employed or a self-employed person. EEA and Swiss nationals do not need permission to establish a business in Ireland and they do not require a visa to visit, travel to, live or work in Ireland.There are some schemes in which non-EEA nationals can invest or start a business in Ireland.

Schemes for self-employed non-EEA nationals

Start-up Entrepreneur Programme

The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) allows a non-EEA national with an innovative business idea and minimum funding of €50,000 to come and set up a business in Ireland. The aim of the Programme is to support High Potential Start-Ups which are defined as start-up ventures.

Immigrant Investor Programme

The Immigrant Investor Programme provides a range of investment options which allows approved non-EEA investors and their immediate family enter Ireland on multi-entry visas and remain here for up to 5 years with the possibility of ongoing renewal. The investment must be good for Ireland, good for jobs and in the public interest. The funds must be legally acquired and owned, not borrowed, by the investor.


Successful applicants for the Immigrant Investor Programme and the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme and their immediate families will be granted residence permission for 2 years initially. Their immediate family means their spouse, civil partner or partner and dependent children aged under 18. In certain cases, children between the ages of 18 and 24 will be considered for residence under the programme. This permission can be renewed for a further 3 years. 

                                                    INFORMATION AND SUPPORTS

If you are coming from outside Ireland to set up a business you will need information on a number of topics such as tax and legal requirements. You can find information about starting a business and being self-employed on this website, including details of legal structures and potential liabilities. You can read about the organisations, websites and publications that can help you in our document, Sources of information on starting a business.

PIBC.ie  help in maintaining a verified database/ directory of Pakistani businesses in Ireland. Directly connecting Pakistani Irish Businesses and will be connecting suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers from Pakistan.To ensure that relevant Governmental bodies, commercial organizations and the Pakistani export community have up- to date knowledge of trading conditions and export prospects and opportunities in Ireland.

Businessregulation.ie is a portal to help you identify the main regulations which affect your business. If you are self-employed and your income is reduced you can find out more in  document on self employment and unemployment.

IDA (Irish Development Authority) Ireland is an Irish government agency with responsibility for securing new investment from overseas in manufacturing and internationally traded services sectors. It can provide information about setting up a business in Ireland and may provide grants to companies wishing to locate in Ireland or expand their existing operations in Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland is an Irish government agency which is responsible for the development of Irish industry. It provides advice and financial support to High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) businesses. You can find information about starting a business in Ireland on its website.

Local Enterprise Offices provide supports such as advice and grants to local businesses (10 or fewer employees) that are starting up or in development. You can find information about their training programmes and start your own business courses as well as mentoring and financial supports on localenterprise.ie.

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